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Experience Thermal Vision with NightRide

Easy DIY Installation

Easy DIY Installation

STEP 1 Mount NightRide™ on your Hood

It's simple, just use the provided mounting bracket to easily attach on standard hoods with a simple twisting lock. Secure the mount and device to prevent theft with the custom NightRide™ locking device and key.

STEP 2 Connect Nightride™ to a Power Source

Locate your vehicle's battery and attach the color coded clips to the terminals.

Red to red & black to black.

STEP 3 Display Mount Options

Install your mounting method of choice, either the provided windshield suction mount or the anti-slip dash pad plus windshield reflector. Open the NightRide™ app, place the NightRide™ phone console onto the suction mount or on the anti-slip dash pad, and get ready to see what's ahead!

How fast is installing Nightride?

It's easier and faster than cooking a burger.