About NightRide

On a dark, stormy night…just kidding. But it really was dark. In fact, it was the night of the solar eclipse, surrounded by miles of South Carolina farmland, and a group of friends were trying to navigate to their camp site through back country roads. 

Without street lamps, or even the faint glow of the moon, the only light was that of the headlights meekly shining into what felt like a void. The friends, lost with limited cell service and even more limited eye sight, missed the turn for their camp and spent the next 30 minutes searching for the grounds before finally arriving, exhausted and shaken up. 

Our founder, Shawn Groce, was one of the passengers in the car. He knew there was no reason for that to ever happen again, for anyone. That’s when Shawn decided to create a product that could see what headlights couldn’t.