About Us

Wesa (weɪ-sah) is a consumer electronics company founded in Brooklyn by three compassionate problem-solvers. But why the name Wesa? It’s the Cherokee word for cat – which happens to be our company’s spirit animal. We love cats and, like cats, we’re clever, adaptive, and proud of our ability to see in the dark.

As much as we love cats, our true inspiration to create products which address everyday human problems is YOU! Our flagship product, NightRide, was born between friends sharing about the trauma of driving on pitch black roads in areas without street or ambient light, and how much worse it was in adverse weather conditions like rain and snow. Knowing that headlights don’t illuminate the road far enough to avoid striking an animal, person, or object, and the fact that most drivers can’t properly navigate where they’re going in those dangerous situations is what drove us (no pun intended) to alleviate that anxiety and produce a solution.

Through innovation, and a commitment to affordability and accessibility for all human beings, we are dedicated to designing intuitive and easy-to-use products to give you peace of mind wherever life takes you, even if it’s dark.