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High performance thermal cameras fit for a hero's fleet

NightRide cameras offer high-resolution thermal imaging purpose-built for mounting on first responder vehicles.

Select models accommodate remote controlled 360 pan/tilt capability.

Pair it with a laptop, tablet or phone for wireless heads up display.

No matter which model you choose, you can count on NightRide's rugged casing and intuitive controls to be ready to go wherever and whenever you need it.

    NightRide PRO

    H I G H  R E S O L U T I O N 

      H O O D - M O U N T  E D   P O R T A B L E 

    T H E R M A L  C A M E R A 

    NightRide PRO provides a distinct and discreet advantage - sensing heat signature 1/4 mile down the road through dust, smoke, rain, snow, or fog.

    Whether engaging in law enforcement, search and rescue, firefighting or emergency management, NightRide PRO provides critical seconds to prepare and react in any situation.


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    NightRide 360 Module

    H I G H  R E S O L U T I O N 

      P A N - T I L T  R E A D Y   

    T H E R M A L  C A M E R A 

    When every second counts and lives are on the line, first responders need every tool possible to enhance their operational performance and keep them safe.

    The NightRide 360 Module is ready to interface with 360 pan-tilt platforms to provide full situational awareness, even in complete darkness and severe weather, making it your all-seeing eye.


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