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The Most Dangerous Thing You Do is Respond

Thermal camera systems make the roads safer for everyone.  For years, automakers and aftermarket companies have been making lights brighter and stronger. But lighting has three fundamental problems:

- Automotive lighting has a limited range of a few hundred feet
- Stronger lights aren't possible, because they blind other drivers
- Because lights have to stay weak, they can't always see what's ahead

NightRide is revolutionizing driving at night with affordable and practical thermal imaging for all drivers.

We Need To Change The Way We See At Night

Driving at night, especially in rapid response, is dangerous and stressful:

- The risk of a serious accident is three times higher driving at night
- Most of the 1-2 million large animal strikes per year happen at night
- Most pedestrians injured by cars are struck at night

To solve these problems, an all new approach is needed: thermal imaging.

When combined with a heads-up display, a thermal imaging system makes first response safer and easier. Thermal systems see 4 times further than headlights, they pick up the heat signature of an object, person or animal, and they don't blind other drivers.

NightRide is Disrupting First Response

At NightRide, we know that thermal imaging is one of the keys to improving public safety and first response.  Instead of using brighter lights that cast more shadows and blind drivers, NightRide provides full situational awareness on even the darkest of roads while in full motion or in stationary position.

NightRide Provides Situational Awareness

What The Experts Say:

"The NightRide thermal camera has the potential to change public safety at its price and ease of installation.  Our first responders will benefit from having ubiquitous thermal vision, especially those serving in suburban or rural areas with little or no road lighting." — Sergeant Major Sam S.

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