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Thermal Imaging Lets You See More At Night!

NightRide is a thermal camera system that can help you see more of the world around you:

  • NightRide can spot wildlife up to 1/4 of a mile away
  • NightRide can see heat sources, even if they're behind cover
  • NightRide mounts to your vehicle, or can be carried in your hand
  • NightRide is a fraction of the cost of a traditional thermal imaging system

Thermal imaging has been used by the military and law enforcement for decades. Now, affordable thermal imaging technology is available to the general public.

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Thermal Imaging Lets You See More At Night!

NightRide Sees More Than Night Vision

While night vision goggles can help you see at night, they're nothing compared to NightRide:

  • NightRide is a thermal imaging camera that "sees" heat. This means it will work in complete darkness, fog, or dust.
  • Thermal camera systems have been used by the military for decades - they are the best technology available for operating at night or in bad weather.
  • With the portable power kit, NightRide can go where you go.

With a NightRide thermal imaging camera, new outdoor adventures await!

See more when driving at night
NightRide can spot wildlife up to a quarter of a mile away

What The Experts Say:

"..had the opportunity to use the NightRide...Overall picture quality was 4 out of 5, which is not a bad score. My opinion is based off of my personal experience in the military with much more expensive equipment. The NightRide thermal sensor has huge potential at its price and ease of enforcement and safety officials would greatly benefit from having thermal capabilities, [and] people residing in rural areas would greatly benefit from thermal imaging too." — Sergeant Major Sam S.

View of NightRide from dash with pedestrians
NightRide is a driving aid that can also be carried in your hand.

Change The Way You See The Night

NightRide is affordable thermal imaging technology that outperforms night vision. You can mount it on your vehicle to help you drive at night, take it to your campsite and explore, or use it to track wildlife. With an IP67 rating, NightRide is dust and water resistant, which means it can go where you go. And with an integrated digital recorder, you'll be able to keep a record of everything you experience.

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Bring NightRide on your next outdoor adventure
Thermal imaging is the ultimate outdoor adventure tool.

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