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NightRide is a thermal camera system that shows you more than any night vision system on the market, and it isn’t going to break the bank!

 - Spot prey up to ¼  mile across a field

 - "See" heat sources, even  behind cover

 - Pick up on livestock or deer on the road

 - Install on any vehicle in 5 minutes 

 - See it all on a heads up display

This kind of tech has been around for military and law enforcement for decades, but now, NightRide is bringing it to YOUR driveway.

Since NightRide is a thermal vision system, it works even in complete darkness or severe weather.

With an IP67 rating, NightRide is dust and water proof, which means it can go wherever you go.

With an integrated video recorder, you’ll be automatically capturing every moment of your adventure!

Lastly, NightRide is portable and GoPro mount compatible.  Mount it on your vehicle while driving, take it to your campsite and explore, or use it to track wildlife.

Here’s what nighttime hunters have to say about NightRide:

“Using NightRide has been a total game changer for me (no pun intended). I can see if game is already in the field as I’m pulling up in my truck – being able to drive up without my headlights spooking anything and still being able to see everything on the NR clear as day makes my job so much easier.”   Cash W, Texas  


“Now that I’ve added NightRide to my rig I can spot dips, creeks, holes, and other obstructions in the dark on my ATV, and find downed game with no trouble. NightRide has made my outings way more fun and exciting, because I never have to wonder what’s out there - it’s all shown on my NightRide.”    Chip H, Louisiana

NightRide - New outdoor adventures await!    

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