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Thermal Imaging Should Be Standard On New Cars

Thermal Imaging Is The Future Of Night Driving

Thermal camera systems will change the auto industry, specifically lighting. For years, automakers and aftermarket companies have been making lights brighter and stronger. But lighting has three fundamental problems:

  1. Automotive lighting has a limited range of a few hundred feet
  2. Stronger lights aren't possible, because they blind other drivers
  3. Because lights have to stay weak, they can't always see what's ahead

What if, instead of trying to shine more and more light on the road ahead, we tried to see a better way? This is the mission of NightRide - to revolutionize driving at night with thermal imaging systems.

Thermal Imaging Is The Future of Night Driving

We Need To Change The Way We Drive At Night

Driving at night can be dangerous and stressful:

To solve these problems, an all new approach is needed: thermal imaging.


When combined with a heads-up display, a thermal imaging system makes driving at night much easier. Thermal systems see more than headlights, they see further, and they don't blind other drivers either.

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NightRide Will Disrupt Automotive Lighting

At NightRide, one of our goals is to promote affordable thermal imaging technology. We want the world to see how useful thermal cameras are, particularly for night time driving.

We know that thermal imaging systems are one of the keys to improving automotive safety. Instead of trying to put brighter lights on new vehicles, automakers should be offering consumers affordable thermal camera systems. Until they do, we'll be working on making these systems available to everyone, at an affordable price.

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What The Experts Say:

"The NightRide thermal sensor has huge potential at its price and ease of installation...most drivers would benefit from having thermal capabilities, [and] people residing in rural areas would greatly benefit from thermal imaging too." — Sergeant Major Sam S.

View of NightRide from dash with pedestrians
NightRide includes a heads-up display, so you can see what NightRide sees without taking your eyes off the road.