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NightRide PRO
NightRide PRO
NightRide PRO

NightRide PRO

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NightRide PRO and all NightRide products are sold through authorized dealers. 

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NightRide PRO is the new and improved automotive thermal imaging camera and heads-up display system that couples high resolution (384 x 288) with a refresh rate of 24 frames per second – the standard frame rate of movies and television. The result – a super sharp and smooth picture that looks more like a black and white movie than a thermal image!

  • See up to four times farther on the road than average headlights.
  • Protection against water, dust, and cold weather.
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NOTE: Some footage has been sped up to reduce video run time.

NightRide PRO helps you see what’s down the road in total darkness; distinguishing vehicles, people, or animals nearby. This new high resolution NightRide senses a heat signature through dust, smoke, rain or fog without needing any light, allowing you to see up to four times farther on the road than average headlights. The system is hermetically sealed with an IP69 rating for protection against water, dust, and cold weather. With NightRide, you have more time to react to avoid accidents and stay safe.

What Comes In Every NightRide Box: